Well, I got sucked into the crypto rabbit hole a while back and found my focus with NFTs and cryptoart. So I want to share some of my writing beyond the CryptoArtNet artists directory and news blog.

I’m starting a page at Flux Research for links to related articles and…

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Just wrote a new Medium piece about my newest project, CryptoArtNet, a directory of artists making cryptoart:

Our Story So Far: CryptoArtNet, A Directory of CryptoArtists

Check it out!

Disney is a fascinating company with a rich history of both incredibly successful changes over time as well as some monumental failures. In the early years (1), the Disney brothers worked out of a rented back office but they soon began construction on their own studio in Los Angeles. Fourteen…

Transforming The Game is a periodic column by Clyde F. Smith about business transformation. Every week or two I will share an interesting tale of a business that transformed itself, finding new growth and, sometimes, life itself in the process.

Such transformations range from Disney’s creation of Disneyland to Google’s introduction of the Search Ad. Bridges become housing and bookstores become community centers. Open source makes money and cassettes reappear on merch tables. Bootstrappers and hackers build new empires from limited means. Superfunds build super engines for super profits.

Transformation comes in many forms and Transforming The Game will explore them all, one at a time!

[Originally Published at transformingthegame.com]

“Binoculars in the classroom!” (Photo courtesy Laura Gilchrist)

When Nico Perez first discussed “Where Mixcloud’s Founders Turn When They Have Startup Questions”, the Mixcloud co-founder also shared some tips for non-technical founders on building a team and finding a technical co-founder.

It’s the kind of advice he might share in…

Nico Perez of Mixcloud

I recently spoke with Nico Perez about how Mixcloud shares CEO duties among three co-founding board members and where they turn when they need help. …

“A Dilemma” (Photo courtesy Julia Manzerova)

One might expect a Thiel Fellowship mentor to answer a prospective entrepreneur’s question, “College or startup?”, with an automatic reply of “Startup!” But Bop.fm

Shehzad Daredia at Le Web (Photo courtesy Kmeron)

Shehzad Daredia is CEO of Bop.fm, a music tech startup with a music player that allows one to share music while giving the listener the ability to listen on the music streaming service of their choice. Daredia and cofounder Stefan Gomez (CTO)…

Clyde F. Smith

Clyde F. Smith, founder of CryptoArtNet.com, can be found @fluxresearch or at fluxresearch.com.

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