• Baris Can Aktepe

    Baris Can Aktepe

    connecting the dots, music & tech lover, hates cover photos, co-founder of @cubic_fm

  • Vinod


    Maker of the android app +ask | @plusask | plusask.com

  • BitTorrent Inc.

    BitTorrent Inc.

    A better Internet, powered by people. More info on what we are all about here: https://www.bittorrent.com/speed

  • Alejandro Marin

    Alejandro Marin

    Radio Personality in Colombia discussing and analyzing the status of life, tech and music in the internet era. Host of ‘Bilingual Podcast’.

  • Eric John Kaiser

    Eric John Kaiser

    French Singer Songwriter exploring North America- Fabriquants de chansons aux USA http://youtube.com/ericjohnkaiser #FrenchMusic #FrenchTroubadour

  • LaJune


    Just a girl with a dream who loves, laughs, writes, raps, and sings

  • Quentin Charriaut

    Quentin Charriaut

    Director, EMEA Sales Strategy @Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • Lyle McKeany

    Lyle McKeany


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