Now Writing on NFTs and CryptoArt

Well, I got sucked into the crypto rabbit hole a while back and found my focus with NFTs and cryptoart. So I want to share some of my writing beyond the CryptoArtNet artists directory and news blog.

I’m starting a page at Flux Research for links to related articles and that’s going to become multiple pages moving forward to provide more focus:
CryptoArtNet, CryptoArt and NFT Art: Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases

I also launched a newsletter about the business of NFTs called NFT Entrepreneur featuring NFT Business News Minus the Hype!

I’m particularly excited about this project. You can subscribe at Substack or check out the NFT Entrepreneur website which will eventually have additional resources.

Plus, I just had my first piece published for The Defiant!
A Quick Guide To Accelerators Funding NFT Startups

If you have relevant news or just want to respond, you can reach me at Twitter (@nftentrepreneur) or via the NFT Entrepreneur Contact Form.

Things are getting interesting again!




Clyde F. Smith, founder of and, can be found at or at

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Clyde F. Smith

Clyde F. Smith

Clyde F. Smith, founder of and, can be found at or at

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